What is Madkhali…??

Their is No Sect Called “Madkhali”. Scholars avoid the usage of the Term “Madkhali”

No scholar ever used the Term “Madkhali” for anyone.They did not used this term even for SPUBS ( Salafi Publications). We can call them “Extremists” or “Saa’fiqah” Which These Terms are Used By Ulama. But The scholars forbade the usage of term “Madkhali” even for SPUBS.

Basically The Origin Of The Term “Madkhalis” are Invented by The Khawarij & ikhwanees. They Hate Salafees By Calling Them As A “Madkhali” Who Support Saudi Arabia (The Land Of Tawheed) & Those People Who Don’t Rebel Against The Muslim Rulers. If Any One Calling Ahle Sunnah As A “Madkhali” It Means He is From “Ikhwanis” Or “Khawarij”. So This Is The Asl.

So Avoid Usage of The Term “Madkhali” For Any One. Shaykh Saleh Al-Fawzaan & Other Scholars Warn Against The Usage Of Term Madkhali : Watch Here : CLICK HERE

2 thoughts on “What is Madkhali…??

  1. Can You please say who are your scholars allowed to call the Salafi publications as Extremists or Saafiqah?


  2. Brother, if a Muslim woman becomes ruler in our country, and if a man rebel against her, is he sinful??


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