About Way Of Salafiyyah, Activities, Founder

The Way Of Salafiyyah Academy was Established in the year 2015. The Way Of Salafiyyah is An Authentic Islamic Education Centre In Hyderbad, India which Aims to Educate The General Muslims In the light of Quran and Sunnah.

AIM : Our Main Aim is to Spread the True Knowlegde of Islam In The Light of Quran and Sahih Hadith. We aim to Promote Tawheed and shatter the Shirk and Biddah in the best possible manners. We Educate the Muslims with the help of true scholars of Islam. We work hard to bring up the Short & Long Term courses that helps the student to become closer to Allah (SWT). Various courses have been held which helped thousands of students across india and abroad to acquire beneficial islamic knowledge. We Convey the message of Islam in a way that softens hearts, opens minds, and leads to a true understanding of the faith.

1) Daily Islamic Quiz.
2) Daily Islamic Posters
3) Monthly Quiz With Certification
4) Preparing New Study Materials (PDF’s)
5) Romanising Urdu Books In to Roman Urdu In Easy Language.
6) Daily What’s App Status Videos
7) Daily Islamic Short Video Clips
8) We Conduct Short and Also Long Term Courses.
9) Monthly Short Term Certified Course Under Guidance Of Aalim.
10) We Distribute E-Certifate to All Participants.
11) We Distrubute Prizes In The Form Of Islamic Books. Hundreds of books Have Already Been delivered to the Winners
12) There are Lot Of Members Who Working In Our Team.

The Courses Which Has Been Conducted Till Date :
1) Kitab-Ut-Tawheed
2) Aasan Tafseer E Quran
3) Seerat Un Nabi (S.A.W)
4) Tajdeed-E- Eemaan
5) Strong FoundatioN Course
6) Nawaqidul Islam
7) Namaz e Nabawi & Namazion Ke Baaz Masail
8) Ye Manhaj E SalaF Nahi
9) Jannati Aurat
10) Masnoon Dua’ein aur Azkar
11) Rizq ki kunjiyan
12) Successful married life
13) 50 Haram cheezen jinhen logon ne halka samajliye
14) Ramzan online course
15) Huqooq Ul Ibaad online course
16) Qurbani Ke Ahkam O Masail
17) Taharat ke Ahkaam O Masail
18) Khawateen Ke Ahkaam O Masail
19) 70 Kabirah Gunah
20) Hisnul Muslim
21) Dilon Ki Bimariya Aur Unka Ilaaj
22) Nabi(saws) Ki Wasiyyaten
23) Khareed O Farokht ke Usool Aur Baaz Masail

Recommendations :
Scholars Who Praised and Recommended The Way of Salafiyyah :
Sheikh Imran Ahmed Salafi
Sheikh Mohammad Hamid Madani
Sheikh Arshad Sikrawi
Sheikh Atiq Ur Rahman Salafi
Click here to Listen :

About the Founder :
Dr Abdul Qadeer ( Pharm.D, The Way of salafiyyah Founder, Chief Editor). Dr Abdul Qadeer was born in the year 1989, in Nellore town of Andhra Pradesh. Now Settled In Hyderbad. He has completed his Pharm. D degree in the year 2016 and currently working as an Assistant Professor in one of the prestigious College in Hyderabad. He is learning Islam under the guidance of true scholars since Ten years. He is a popular In social media As daee who is constantly involved in giving daawah and spread the true message of Quran and Sunnah according to the understanding of Salaf of this Ummah. His main aim is to educate the common Muslims about the basics of Islam in an enlightening way.

Mrs Mariya Iqbal (The Way of Salafiyyah Women’s Wing Admin)

6 thoughts on “About Way Of Salafiyyah, Activities, Founder

  1. Assalam walikum Masha allah aplog bahoot achi koshish kr rhe hai aur bahoot mehnat kr rhe hai allah ap logo ko iska behtareen ajer de aur hum sub ko iss taleem par amel ki toufeeq ata farmaie …….𝙰𝙼𝙴𝙴𝙽 πšˆπ™° πšπ™°π™±πš„π™» 𝙰𝙻𝙰𝙼𝙴𝙴𝙽!! ✨


  2. Masha Allah Tabarak Allah bahut achcha aur khoobsoort hai mujhe bahut kuch seekh ne mila ye quiz jo organize ker wate hai app log bahut hi achcha itna achcha hai ki nujhe alfaaz nahii mil rahe app ke kaam ke liye Allah Az Wajal apko ko iska ajar de sab se badhi baat Shaikh Uthymeen sahab jinka naan hi suna tha unki pdf aur quiz ker ne ka moqa mila jazakulallah kairan mai apne app ko khush naseeb manti hu ke is se jhudi Allah Az Wajal sako Salaf ke raste per chalaye


  3. Allah Taala se dua hai Allah Aapki ye tanzeem ko qubul farmaey aur is men barkat ataa farma aamin
    Sabith qadmi se jari rakhe Aamin
    Allah asaani ataa farma aamin
    Subhanallahi wa Bihamdihi Subhanallahil Azeem


  4. Alhamdulillah ‘The Way of Salafiyyah’ is a best online course i hv come across. I was waiting for such a course because i always want to learn from the ulamas of our culture as they know every bidaah and shirk prevailing in our society. Ulamas here teach in pure urdu language and they try to cover up all the points clearly. It makes me happy that i hv covered many topics completely from The Way of Salafiyyah. The team is very hardworking and they do their job as their passion. May Allah be pleased with you and may this work continue till the Day of Judgement.


  5. Asslamalikum warb Mashaallah subhanallha barakallah fee allhamdulliha allhamdulliha allhamdulliha my Allah Rabul alamin my kina bhi shukar ada karun kam hai ke Allah ne muhje etne bade ulmaye akram se mujhe talim dilai Allah unko aur Salfiya ki puree teem ko bahetreen jaza the myene bhut si malumat hoi aur my ne aap tam grup me wahi talimat pahun tihun jo Allah ne mujhe aap se sikaya 35 ya 38 tak my ne Salfiya ke cors kiye har ek se bhut couch sekhne ko mlila aur amal karne me asan ho gaya ayse lag dunya ki koi ahemiyat nahi rahi bas aqirat ko pana hai Allah ko razi karna hai Shaikh ne sahi kah dunya darul amal hai aur aqirat darul jaza aap logun ne jo YouTube canal par sani rakhi cross se to aisa lgtahi ke my madrsa pad rahi hun likin ye to madrse se bhi bahtar bhut bhut bahetreen tareeqe hai hamari ye khs nasibi hai ke ham etne bade ulmaye Dean se sekh rahe hai in cors ki ahemiyat itni hai ke ham koi bhi iska andaza bhi nahi laga sakta Allah rabul alamin aap sabko aur aap ke gahar walun ko hamesha kush wo kurram rakkhe Salfiya ko kub barkatun se nawaze ye aisa phile jase daraqat ki Jaden phelti hai jazakallah huqairan kasira


  6. Saira Shaheen sultanpuri February 17, 2023 — 11:34 pm

    Alhamdulillah Taqubbal Allah minna wminkum Allah SWT aap poori team ki koshish aur mehnat ka ajar dunya waakhirat me ata kare rafeeq ul aala me jagah ata kare ye kaare khair bina rukawat ke Qayamat ki subah tak chalta rahe aur sab faizyaab hote rahen mai to bahut mustafeed hotihun jazakAllahu khaira kaseeran Aameen


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