Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai ( Rahimaullah) on Abu Khadeeja

Muhaddis Zubair Ali Zai (Rahimaullah) Said : 

Warning: The Taqleedi Salafis of England have gone the way of lie, and extreme and they are refuting Ahlulhadeeth people and Ulamas. For just a little thing or Ijtihadi mistake they take people out of bound of Salafiaah. People like these did existed in the past era. Hafiz Dahabi rehmaullah has said about these sort of people.

They are not Ashaabul Hadeeth but sinner and ignorant, May Allah prevent (us) from their Shar.

From these liers, Abu Khadeeja Abdulwahid bin aalim Mir puri, Yasir Ahmad bin Khushi Muhammad and Abu Yousaf Abdulrehman are popular in lying and false allegations.

Source : (Al – Hadith Hazru , 11/42 )


At The Time of Hafiz.Zubair Zai Salafi publications Made A False Accusations Against Hafiz zubair Ali Zai.

Then Hafiz. Zubair Ali Zai Responded and Given to reply to Abu khadeeja & Salafi publications.

Source: Start from 48th Min. Link : CLICK HERE



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