The Takfeer Of Ibn Arabee (The Peer Of Barelvis & Deobandis



1. Haafidh Ibn Hajr said, “I asked my Shaikh Siraaj ud deen al-Balqayaanee about Ibn Arabee and he replied quickly he is kaafir (disbeliever)”
{Leesaan ul-Meezaan(4/319), another edn (5/213), Tambiyyatul-Ghabee Ilaa Takfeer Ibn Arabee (pg.159)}

2. Muhaddith Baqaa’ee wrote our teacher Haafidh Ibn Hajr and another man called Ibn al-Ameen had a mubaahilah concerning Ibn Arabee. The man said, “If Ibn Arabee is upon misguidance then curse me.”

Haafidh Ibn Hajr said, “Oh Allaah if Ibn Arabee is upon guidance then curse me.” After a few months the man became blind and died during the night.
{Tambiyyatul-Ghabee (pg.136-137)}

3. Haafidh Ibn Daqeeq al-Eed asked Abu Muhammad Izz ud deen Abdul Azeez bin Abdus Salaam as-Silmee ad-Damashqee (660H) about Ibn Arabee and he replied, “Dirty, liar and far from the truth, he opined time was old and he did not consider other peoples private parts to be haraam.”
{al-Wafaa Bal-Wafyaat (4/125) with an authentic chain, Tambiyyatul-Ghabee (pg.138)}

The statement of Ibn Abdus Salaam is found in the following books with varying chains, Tambiyyatul-Ghabee (pg.139) with a hasan chain, Meezaan ul-Ei’tidaal (3/659), Leesaan ul-Meezaan (5/311-312), another edn (6/398).

4. Abu Hayyaan Muhammad bin Yoosuf Andaloosee (745H) said, “From the heretics who affirm unification and unity of existence are…… Ibn Arabee
{Tafseer Bahr al-Muheet (3/464-465}

5. Haafidh Ibn Katheer said, “and the book which is named Fusoos al-Hikam contains many things which indicate clear kufr (disbelief).
{Bidaayah Wan-Nihaayah (13/167)}

6.Imaam Ibn Taymiyyah wrote, “No one has elucidated the meaning of al-Heerah from amongst the people of knowledge and Eemaan, however a group from amongst the heretics like the author of Fusoos al-Hikam Ibn Arabee and others like him who are heretics…….”
{Majmoo’a Fataawa (11/385)}

7. Qadhee Taqee ud deen Alee bin Abdul Kaafee as-Subkee said in Sharh Minhaaj in the Chapter of al-Wasayyah, “Whoever is from amongst the later soofee’s like Ibn Arabee and others then they are ignorant and misguided and they outside the way of Islaam.”
{Tambiyyatul-Ghabee (pg.143)}

8. Shams ud deen Muhammad al-Eaizree wrote about Fusoos al-Hikam in his book al-Fatawaa al-Muntashirah, “The scholars says whatever is in it, then all of it is disbelief and everything in it is based on the belief of unification.”
{Tambiyyatul-Ghabee (pg.152)}

9. Mulla Alee Qaaree said, “So if you are a true Muslim and believer, then do not have doubt in the disbelief of Ibn Arabee and his group and do not hold back in their misguidance and stupid misguided group. If it is asked is it permissible to give them salaam first? Then I say no and nor should you reply to their Salaam, rather do not even say Alaykum as their evil is worse than the jews and Christians, and the ruling concerning them is that of the heretical disbelievers. It is obligatory to burn the books they have authored and everyone should mention their evil and hypocrisy as the silence of the scholars and the differing of some of the narrators became the reason for this fitnah.”
{Radd Alal Qaa’ileen Bi-Wahdatul-Wajood (pg.155-156)}

Compiled By : Shaikh Zubair Alee Zaee (Rahimahullah)

Taken From Saif Ul Jabbar Fi Jawab Zahoor Wa Nisar

Trans. Abu Khuzaimah Ansaari

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