What Salafi Scholars said Regarding The Scholars in India and Pakistan

salafi Scholars

Let’s See What Salafi Scholars said Regarding The Scholars in India and Pak..

1. Shaykh.Saleh As Suhaymee

2. Shaykh.Ramzan Al Hajri

3. Shaykh.Saleh al fawzaan

4. Shaykh.Aneesur Rehman Aazmi Madani


1. Al Allamah Shaikh Saleh As Suhaymee Said : 

Benefit From The Scholars of INDIA & Given Advice to Youth.  

Urdu Translation : Shaikh.Tariq Soudagar Madani ( hafidaullah )

Urdu Translation : Time Start from : 9m : 57s

You Tube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j65JY46H4zY


2. Shaikh.Ramzan Al Hajri Said :

The land of India is filled with the scholars of Ahlul Hadith, May Allah increase them with His blessings…
Source : Sheikh.official Tweet land& Also Last Time Shaykh.Ramzan Al Hajri visited to India, Given Dars in Feetwala Masjid, Kurla,Jamiyat Ahle hadees Masjeed.——————————–

3. Shaykh.saleh Al Fawzaan Said :


“The questioner says: “What do you say to the one who says that there are no scholars in India and Pakistan?”

Shaykh.Fawzaan Answer :

“What is it that has made him come to know? What has made him come to know that there are no scholars in India and Pakistan? There are scholars! There are people from Ahlul-Hadīth, and all praises belong to Allāh. There is a lot of good. Yes.”


Source : http://www.salafi-dawah.com/regarding-someone-who-says-that-there-are-no-scholars-in-india-and-pakistan.html

You tube Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtnEpw_tQWU

4. Al Allamah Shaykh. Anees ur Rehman Umri Madani said :

Here in Banglore and Other Areas Some youth have no Respect for scholars and These Students who saying There is no Scholars in india.. And It is their dawah that their is no scholars in India.

Those who say like this there is no Scholars in India it means *Are You A biG scholars….???*Then only your saying there is No scholars in India..

It is one of the fitna in this era.

That’s why These people from starting itself They are deviated...

Source : lecture of Naujawano ke Liye Naseehat_

Link : https://youtu.be/BGbL4xqxQ9k

Start from 35:22_

and Also Refutation of the Youth Who Claim There are No Scholars in India

Link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9FkFEfgaM2o

Share this Brothers. May Allah Bless All Our Scholars Ameen…!!!!!

Our Scholars Our Honour


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  1. Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi barakatuhu
    Respected Sheikh i am a final year engineering student i am about to complete my education i would like to fill my rest of life with the path of prophet Mohammad(SAW) pbhu and manhajje salaf kindly recommend me the all basic English books from which i could seek knowledge kindly help me with all the best books available from salaf scholers
    Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi barakatuhu..


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