LIST of SOME Scholars/ &Students of knowledge/& Speakers TO SEEK ILM FROM THEM !


Know Some of Your Salafee Scholars and Students of Knowledge 

LIST of SOME Scholars/ &Students of knowledge/& Speakers TO ILM FROM THEM !

Allah says in Quran “Ask the people of Knoweldge” if you dont know {Quran.16:43}


As Shaykh Muhsin al Abbad al Badr حفظه الله
As Shaykh Dr. Rabee bin Hadee Madkhalee حفظه الله
As Shaykh Saalih Fawzan Al Fawzan حفظه الله
As Shaykh Abdul Azeez Aal e Shaikh
As Shaykh Saalih al Luhaydaan حفظه الله
As Shaykh Saalih As Suhaymee حفظه الله
As Shaykh Abdul Azeez al Rajihee حفظه الله
Shaykh Muhammad bin Hadee حفظه الله
Shaykh Fouad al Amree حفظه الله
Shaykh Ubayd al Jabree حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdul Razzak al Badr حفظه الله
Shaykh Falaah Ismaeel Mandakar حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdul Wahhab al Banna حفظه الله
Shaykh Saeed Raslan حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdul Salaam As Sihaymee حفظه الله
Ahmad bin Umar Bazmool حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdullaah ibn ‘Abdur-Raheem al-Bukhaaree
Muhammad Ibn Ramzaan Al-Haajiree حفظه الله
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Adam al-Ethiobi
Shaykh ‘Ali ibn Naasir al-Faqeehee
Saalih As-Sindee حفظه الله
Muhammad ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhab Al-‘Aqeel حفظه الله
Muhammad ibn ‘Umar Bazmool حفظه الله
Khalid Adh-Dhafiri حفظه الله
Abu ‘Uthmaan Muhammad al-Anjaaree حفظه الله
Hassan ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhab Marzooq al-Bannah حفظه الله
‘Abdullaah an-Najmee حفظه الله
Shaykh ‘Abdus-Salaam As-Sihaymee حفظه الله
‘Abdul-MuHsin al-Ubaykaan حفظه الله
Shaykh Muhammad ibn Sa’eed Raslaan حفظه الله
Muhammad bin Abdul Wahhab al-Wassaabi حفظه الله
Abu ‘Umar Usaamah Al-Utaybi حفظه الله
Muhammad ibn Rabee’ al-Madkhalee حفظه الله
Muhammad ‘Ali Ferkous حفظه الله
Shaykh Sulaiman Ar-Ruhaylee حفظه الله

The Major Salafi Scholars Who Passed Away

Shaikh. AL – ALLAMA Ehsan Elahi Zaheer رحمة الله
Shaikh. Muhammad Ibn Saalih al-‘Uthaymeen رحمة الله
Shaykh Zayd Al Madkhalee رحمة الله
Shaikh. Abdullah Al Ghudayan رحمة الله
Shaikh. Badee’ud-Deen Shaah as-Sindee رحمة الله
Shaikh. Muqbil Ibn Haadee al-Waadi’ee رحمة الله
Shaikh. Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai { Muhaddis } رحمة الله
Shaikh. Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri‘ رحمة الله
Shaikh. Abdul-‘Azeez Ibn ‘Abdullaah Ibn Baaz ( Sheikh-Ul-Islam, Faqee ) رحمة الله
Shaykh ul Islam Imam Sayyid Nazeer Mian Husayn ad-Dehlawi (رحمه الله)
Shaikh. Muhammad Naasirud-Deen al-Albaanee (Jaleelul-Qadr Muhaddis And Faqee , Mujaddid ) رحمة الله



 Some of The Well Known Recommended Urdu Salafi Scholars & Tullab To Take Knowledge From Them. 

As Shaykh Anees ur Rahmaan Azamee حفظه الله 
As Shaykh Waseeullah Abbas حفظه الله 
As Shaykh Zaheer uddin Rehmani حفظه الله
As Shaykh Abdullah Johlam حفظه الله
As Shaykh Noor ul Hasan حفظه الله
As Shaykh Abdul Bari Fatehullah حفظه الله
Shaykh Zia Ur Rahmaan Azamee حفظه الله
Shaykh Hafiz Zubair Ali Zai (رحمه الله )
Shaykh Razaullah Abdul Kareem حفظه الله
As Shaykh Irshad ul Haqq al Atharee حفظه الله
As Shaykh Khaleel ur Azamee umri حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdullah Umri Madani حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdul Salam Umri Madani حفظه الله
Shaykh Kifayatullah Sanabili حفظه الله
Imtiaz Alam Khan Muhammadee حفظه الله
Shaykh Inayatullah Madani حفظه الله

Shaykh Mohammad Hamid Madani حفظه الله

Shaykh Imran Ahmed Salafi حفظه الله

Shaykh Arshad Sakrawi حفظه الله

Shaykh Arshad Hussain Mohammadi حفظه الله

Shaykh Masood Ahmed Umri حفظه الله

Shaykh Mohammad Rahmani Madani حفظه الله
Shaykh Badee uz Zamaa Madani حفظه الله
Shaykh Ghulam Mustafa Zaheer حفظه الله
Qaree Shoaib Meer Muhammadee حفظه الله
Shaykh Dr. Talib ur Rahmaan حفظه الله
Shaykh Tayyab ur Rahmaan حفظه الله
Shaykh Zafar ul Hasan Pratapghadee حفظه الله
Shaykh Maqsood ul Hasan Faizee حفظه الله
Shaykh Obaid ur Rahman al Hindee حفظه الله
Shaykh Abu Ridhwaan Muhammadee حفظه الله
Shaykh Tauseef ur Rahmaan حفظه الله
Shaykh Abu Zaid Zameer حفظه الله
Syed Hussain Umree Madani حفظه الله
Sajid Usaid حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdul Haseeb حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdul Azeeem Madani حفظه الله
Shaykh. Abu Quhaafah Muaadh حفظه الله
Shaykh. Yasir Al Jabree حفظه الله
Shaykh. Meraj Rabbani حفظه الله
Shaykh Jafar Madani حفظه الله
Shaykh Kaleemullah Madani حفظه الله
Shaykh Taha Khalid Sayeed حفظه الله
Shaikh. Muaz Umri Nazeeri حفظه الله
Shaykh Shoaib Jonagadhi Jamai Madani حفظه الله
Shaykh Mukhtaar Madani حفظه الله
Dr. Waseem Madani حفظه الله
Sanaullah Salafy Madani حفظه الله
Hafiz.Jalaluddin Qasmiحفظه الله
ShaykhR.K Noor Mohammad حفظه الله
Abdul Wakeel حفظه الله
Shaykh Tariq Saudagar حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdul Wahid Madani حفظه الله
Shaykh Ameen ur Rahman حفظه الله
Nooruddin Umeri حفظه الله
Shaykh Mufakkir Hussain حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdul Ghaffar Salafi حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdul Qadeer Umeri حفظه الله
Shaykh Abdul Salaam حفظه الله
Shaykh Ashfaque Salafy حفظه الله
Wajid Hasan حفظه الله
Mohammed Azharuddin Madani حفظه الله
Abul Wafa Madani حفظه الله

Hafiz Abu Yahya Noorpuri حفظه الله
Shaykh Ansaruddin Makki حفظه الله


Note : Above List Of The Scholars & Tullab is well Known to the Scholars of Ahle Sunnah in Indo Pak. 

In Ahlus Sunnah, a Tazkiyah or an ijaazah is a means to identify a scholar or a person of knowledge; but the absence of a tazkiyah or ijaazah does not necessarily mean that the person is not from the people of knowledge. There are other means (which may be even stronger than these) to show that a person is from the people of knowledge. From these ways is that a person is well known amongst his people for knowledge and uprightness on the Sunnah. This in itself is sufficient for us to take from him, and is in fact stronger than a tazkiyah – (Taken from A Article “The Advice” Reviewed by: Shaykh Wasiyyullaah ‘Abbaas)


Shaykh Muhammad al Maliki حفظه الله
Shaikh.Zulfiker Ibraheem Memon alAthare حفظه الله
Ustaadh Abdul Rahman Hassan حفظه الله
Ustaadh Abu Taymiyyah Jeelaani حفظه الله
Abu Ibraheem Husnayn حفظه الله
Sheikh Abu Suhaib Bassam حفظه الله
Ustaadh Muhammad Tim Humble حفظه الله
Ustaadh Abul Abbas Naveed Ayaz حفظه الله
Ustaadh Umar Jamaykee حفظه الله
Shaikh.Abu Umar Abdul Azeez حفظه الله ( Toranto)
Dr.Saleh As Saleh (رحمة الله)

BIG Major Scholars from The Salaf

Imam . Muhammad Ibn Ismaa’eel al-Bukhaaree ( Ameer-ul- Mumineen FIL Hadees , Mujthid , Faqee, Mujddid )

Imam.Ahmad Ibn Hanbal ( Jalilul Qadr Muhaddis, Faqee,  Mujaddid )

Imam. Ibn Hajr al-Asqalaanee ( Great Muhaddis )

Imam . Ibn Taymiyyah (SHEIKH-UL-ISLAM , Mujtahid , Mujaddid  )

‘Imam ash-Shafi’ee ( Great Faqee )

Imam. Malik bin Anas (  Great Muhaddis )

Imam Abu Hanifa ( Great Faqee )

Imam . At- Dahabi ( Great Muhaddis , Sheik-ul-Islam, Faqee )

Imam Abdullah Bin Mubarak ( Great Muhaddis , Mujtahid , Faqee  )

Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Hasanaalush-Shaykh‘

Abdur-Rahmaan Ibn Naasir as-Sa’dee

Imam. Abu Daawood as-Sijistaanee Adh-Dhahabee

Imam Ahmad Muhammad Shaakir

Imam. al-Khateeb al-Baghdaadee ( Master in Hadees )

Imam . ash-Shawkaanee

Imam Badrud-Deen al-Ghazzee

Imam. Hasan al-basri

Imam. Ibn Abil ‘Izz al-Hanafee

ImamIbn al-Jawzee

Imam.Ibn al-Qayyim al-Jawziyyah

Ibn Daqeeq al-‘Eed

Imam. Ibn Hajr al-Hanbalee

Imam Ibn Katheer ( Mufassir A Quran  )

ImamIbn Qudaamah al-Maqdisee

Imam Ibn Rajab al-Hanbali.

Mohiud-Deen Yahyaa Ibn Sharaf an-Nawawee

Muhammad bin Ishaaq bin Khuzaymah

Muhammad Ibn ’Abdul-Lateef

Muhammad Ibn ’Abdur-Rahmaan al-Mubaarakfooree ( Master in Hadees )

Muhammad Ibn ‘Abdul-Wahhaab ( Sheikh Ul Islam  )

Muhammad Ibn Ibraaheem Aalush-

Muslim Ibnul-Hajjaaj al-Qushayree an-Naysaabooree

Zaynud-Deen al-‘Iraaqee

Imam. Nasai ( Muhaddis )

Imam Nawawi ( Muhaddis )

Imam Tirmizi ( Muhaddis& Faqee )

Imam Ibne Hibban ( Muhaddis )

Imam. Sufyaan ath-Thawree,

Etc,, And Also There are Soo Many Major Scholars  from salaf. May Allah Mercy On Them Ameen….!!!

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