Regarding Fiqh 36 Questions & Answers Session | from the senior scholars

Questions and answers from well-known senior scholars like Shaykh Rabee’ ibn Haadee Al-Madkhalee and Shaykh ‘Ubayd Al-Jaabiree, and from those recommended by them like Shaykh Wasee Allaah ‘Abbaas and Shaykh Muhammad ‘Umar Baazmool

36 Questions & Answers


Does trying to pass gas (flatulence) nullify one’s wudhoo’ if nothing comes out?

A woman is having irregular bleeding 30 days after delivering her baby. The bleeding comes and goes every five days. What should she do?

Athaan (Call to Prayer):

Is it permissible for Muslims to allow a non-Muslim to call the athaan?

Is the athaan acceptable if the mu’ath-thin adds letters or extends certain sounds in the athaan?

Should the administration of a masjid remove a mu’ath-thin who is disobedient?

General Issues Related to Prayer:

Are the night prayers (qiyaam al-layl) restricted to 11 rak’ahs?

Is the basmalah to be read twice in the beginning of the prayer? (Some people understand this from The Prophet’s Prayer Described)

Is it permissible to close your eyes for a brief moment to attain submissiveness and tranquility?

Is it permissible for a sick person to pray in a chair if he is able to sit on the floor?

How does a sick person who prays sitting down make rukoo’ andsujood?

Is making takbeer (saying “Allaahu Akbar“) when making sajdah for a verse of prostration during prayer considered an innovation?

Is it permissible to prostrate with only one hand on the ground, while the other hand holds a child?

Is it permissible to make rukoo’ with only one hand on the knee, while the other hand holds a child?

Is it permissible to raise only one hand for the takbeers in the prayer, while the other hand holds a child?

Can a woman breastfeed a baby while she prays?

Is it permissible to pray optional prayers sitting down while riding in a car, as a resident, not a traveler?

We need further clarification on how a person prays in a car.

Congregational Prayer:

Some people refer to a rented building or apartment as a masjid, is this correct?

Is reading Soorah Qaaf as the Friday khutbah an abrogated Sunnah? If not, how is it to be done as we have not seen it done before?

Is there anything wrong with an imaam who always recites Soorah As-Sajdah for Fajr Prayer on Fridays?

If someone joins the congregation while the imaam is making rukoo’, has he caught that rak’ah?

If a pregnant woman dies, are there two janaazah prayers performed or just one?

Supplication & Thikr:

Is it permissible to say “in shaa’ Allaah” when supplicating?

What is the correct order to say the different supplications after prayer, and are they to be said out loud or silently?


If the majority of the Muslims in a city start their fast in Ramadhaan based on a regional sighting of the moon and a small group of them go by the global sighting, has this small group caused division or are they correct?

Hajj &’Umrah:

What is the ruling on the black line at the Ka’bah that marks the beginning and end of tawaaf, is a person required to adhere to it?

I want to make hajj but I can not wear the izaar without something underneath it, what can I do?

Is it permissible for a woman to breastfeed a child while she makestawaaf around the Ka’bah?


What is the Islaamic ruling on organ donation?


Are copyrights and intellectual property rights on translations and other work considered legitimate rights in Islaam?

Is it correct to refer to a scholar as “our father”?

Is it permissible to eat or drink while walking?

Can one drink standing up in the masjid in order to avoid sitting down before praying tahiyyatul-masjid? And is tahiyyatul-masjid obligatory?

What is the meaning of the hadeeth that orders the one who drinks standing up to force up (vomit) his drink?

When is altering one’s appearance considered changing Allaah’s Creation and thus prohibited? And what about false teeth, crowns, and braces, are they permissible?

If one goes from one side of a big city to another, can this be considered traveling?

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