Namaz Me Masla- A-Tawarruk.


Siwaye 2 rakat ke Chodke.

Har rakat me yani 3 or 4 rakat Wali Namaz me last Tashahud me Tawarruk se baitna Sunnat hy.. Chahe Mard ho ya Aurat ho… Namaz waisa pado jaisa Nabi ne padi..
Daleel: I was sitting with some of the companions of Allah’s Apostle and we were discussing about the way of praying of the Prophet. Abu Humaid As-Saidi said, “I remember the prayer of Allah’s Apostle better than any one of you. … On sitting in the second Rak’a he sat on his left foot and propped up the right one; and in the last Rak’a he pushed his left foot forward and kept the other foot propped up and sat over the buttocks.”

[Bukhari 1.791, Narrated Muhammad bin Amr bin Ata] 

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