An Advice to the Young and Students of Knowledge who are engaged in taking Account and searching for the Mistakes of the Du’aat By : Shaykh Saalih bin Fawzaan Al-Fawzaan


“We beg you to give an advice to many of the young and students of knowledge who are engaged in taking account and searching for the mistakes of the Du’aat. And interpret their words in the ugliest manner possible; which has lead to the enjoyment of Ahl al-Bida’ with the suffering of Ahl al-Sunnah wal-Jama’ah.”


“It’s about clarifying the mistakes which contain deviation. If there is a mistake concerning knowledge or matters having to do with knowledge; they must be clarified. But with wisdom in the way done, with softness against the one who made the mistake and without injuring him. The mistake must be clarified. Again the mistake must be clarified. The Prophet, sallAllahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, said: “The religion is sincere advise.” The companions asked, “Advice to who?” He answered: “To Allah, His Book, and His Messenger.” 

If someone makes a mistake in the interpretation of a verse is it allowed for us to keep silent about it? If someone makes a mistake in the narrations of the Messenger, peace be upon him, and ascribes to him what he did not say, or he declares a narrative to be authentic while it is false or weak. Should we keep silent about this; about the Sunnah of the Messenger, peace be upon him? And if someone makes a mistake in al-Aqidah, it is allowed for us to keep silent? We clarify, but we do not wipe the floor with him, give him a Jarh and publicize him. We clarify only the mistake. This is obligated and is part of sincere advice. And this does not hurt the scholars neither the one who made the mistake. It does not hurt him. He will turn back to what is correct, and the one who turns back to what is right, that is an honor for him. And if he does not turn back to what is right, then at least you have made evident the truth; without giving him a Jarh or making him public. Until today the scholars answer each others mistakes, from old times. In spite of this, it did not bring about hatred nor did it generate enmity among them, for in those days there were no people who incited one against the other. There were no people who incited and dug into these matters to make them public. This happened just in this time; those who keep digging, inciting, taping, and then spreading. The people have nothing to do with it. This is something between the scholars! But to copy these refutation and spread them to the general people, the masses who do not know, the common Muslims’ what have they to do with it? This is wrong! This falls in the meaning of the verse:

{Those who love that the impropriety spreads among those who believe} [Surah an-Nur 24:19]


Shaykh Saalih bin Fawzaan Al-Fawzaan, may Allah preserve him

Source: – Question 4679. Taken from Youtube video translated by Abu ‘Abdallah.

Download Audio : CLICK HERE

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