Clearing Misconception Regarding TaQleed




Clearing The Misconception Regarding TaQleed 

MuQallideen Objection : They say According To Your saudi scholars Taqleed Is allowed for Aami Then Why don’t You (Ahle hadees) Agree??

Our Answer :

If A Layman (Aami) asking The Maslah to Mufti it is called as Ittibah or Taqleed…??

if an Ordinary person(Layman) ask question from a Mufti, this is not Taqleed, but Imam Ibn Abdul Barr, Imam Khateeb Baghdadi, Imam Ibn Taymiyya , Shaikh.Rabi , Shaikh Fawzaan etc are on the opinion that If a lay person have some problem he must ask question from scholar and this is Taqleed. But The Scholars of India and Pak Says if A Layman (Aami) Ask The scholar Regarding Any Maslah It is Not Taqleed But It is “Ittibah” As Allah Says In Quran : “Ask the people of Knoweldge” if you dont know {Quran.16:43}

This is only the difference of “Word” some Scholars call it itteba some Scholars call it Taqleed.

Shaykh Wasi Ullah Abbas said regarding asking scholars :

“Actually this is itteba because Aaami is practicing on “Ask the people of knowledge If you don`t know”. But if it is named as Taqleed according to Istelah then there should be no harm in it [Taqleed ka hukm page 54]

I MySelf believe That the Word Ittibah is saheeh. But if any of our Scholars Who say that Taqleed is Allowed for aami who don’t know the evidence Then there is no harm In that like Shaikh wasiullah Abbas said.

All Our Salafi scholars say in one Voice that if Any knowledge seeker or Student of Knowledge or scholar who Know the evidences then Taqleed is “haram” for him.

Note : Those who call Themselves so called hanafi( deobandi and berelwi ) they are not Hanafies they are Asharis and Maturudi & Sufies. This is The Main difference between Us and Them.


Muqallideen objection : 2

They Say Those big scholars in our Ummah like Imam Tahawi and Imam Ibne izz al hanafi & also Soo many scholars did Taqleed of their imaams, Are they not on haqq?

Our Answer :

A.) The School of Thought & Taqleed is 2 different Things But Amongst The Sufis ( Deobandis & Berelwis ) it is commonly Misunderstood that the School of thought and Taqleed are same thing

Those Scholars Who Call Themselves Hanafi and Shafies because they are following one school of thought not blind Taqleed like now days do. Because Taqleed is For Jaahil not for A Scholar.

Sarfaraz Khan Safdar Deobandi Himself said: “And Taqleed is only for a Jaahil, who is unfamiliar with ahkaam and Dalaail, or does not have the ability to prefer and reconcile between the contradictions of Proofs” [Al-Kalaam ul-Mufeed fi Ithbaat ut-Taqleed: Pg 234]

Haafidh Ibn Abdul Barr al-Andalusi (rahimahullah) said: “And they (the Scholars) said: And a Muqallid does not have any knowledge (Jaahil), and there is no difference of them (Scholars) in it.”[Jaami Bayaan ul-Ilm Vol 2 Pg 231, Chapter: Fasaad ut-Taqleed]
This Ijmaa also proves that a Scholar cannot be a Muqallid. In fact it is written in the Haashiah of the Hanafi book al-Hidayah that: “….What they meant from Jaahil is Muqallid because they have mentioned it against Mujtahid.” [Hidayah: Pg 132 Hashiah 6, Kitaab Adab al-Qaadhi

So if You Say Those scholars Who Do Taqleed to Particular imam Is he Jaahil..???? Lol

B.) While come to Aqeedah Those Scholars are pure salafies but in Fiqh they follow one school of Thought. This is not the difference between haqq and batil. we mainly see Aqeedah.

Finally : Shaykh al Muhaddith Zubair Ali Zai said “If there is some Hanafi who is following hanafi school of thought and follows Qur’an and Hadeeth and Asool of Imam Abu Haneefa and Imam Tahawi, then if he makes mistake then it is other case and he is our Muslim brother” (END QUOTE)

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