Islamic Articles PDF’s in English By : Dr.Saleh As-Saleh



Brothers & Sisters : These Are the Authentic Articles.

By : Dr.Saleh As Saleh ( Rahimaullah ). Please Download the below PDF’s & Read it.


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Basic Beliefs  

Creed – Beliefs

Al-Qadaa Wal Qadar — Pre-Decree – Brief Summary

Allaah is An-Nuur — Tafseer Surah An-Nuur 24:35

Knowing Allaah — Quotes from the Quraan

The Shahaadah — The Testimony of Faith

The Messengers — Their Tasks – Their Roles

Worship — Uboodiyyah Slavery To Allaah


Tafseer of verse 35 of surah 24. An-Nuur

Explaining Islam through quotes from Quraan

Explanation of the Shahadah and its conditions

The Role of the Messengers

Fasting – Siyam

 Fasting — Ordinances – Wisdoms – Merits

Audio – Fasting

Pilgrimage – Hajj

Hajj — Day of Arafah Falling on a Friday

Hajj and Tawheed  –  Audio                

Prayer – Salaah

 Adhaan — Ruling On Response To The Adhaan

 Imaamah in Islaam

 The Recitations of the Prophet

– Narrations on Sujood by Sh Ibn Uthaymeen.doc

 Narrations on Sujood by Sh Ibn Uthaymeen



How to Make Wudu — Ablution

How to Perform Salaah — Step by Step Explanation

Legal and Illegal Positions of Tawarruk in Salaat

Prostrations of Forgetfulness

Wudu step by step

Salaah step by step

Chart Sujuud as-Sahw

Sitting Positions During Salaah


Points of Benefit

Points of Benefit – Adhaan – Call to Prayer

Points of Benefit – Direction of Al-Qiblah

Points of Benefit – Greeting Someone in Salaah

Points of Benefit – Importance of Salaah

Points of Benefit – Movements in Salaat

Points of Benefit – Imaam and Ma-muum

Points of Benefit – Times Praying Is Forbidden

Islam For Children

Tawheed for Children – Level 1

Tawheed for Children – Level 2

Prophet Hud — Level 1  –  Prophet Hud — Level 2

Prophet Saalih


Fitan and Deviations


Contemporary Issues

1 – The Fitnah of Takfeer

2 – General Kufr and Its Applications

3 – Al-Bay’aa wal Hizbiyyah

4 – Corrupt Modern Practices

Blame Ourselves or Blame the Rulers

The Inverted Priorities

Rules of Allaah 

Greater Imaam – Many Rulers

Testing Afflictions and Calamities

Unity of Religions – Elimination of Truth

Religions and Sects

 Avoid Ten Ways That Nullify Islam


 Sufism – Origin and Development




Nukhbatul Fikar

 Classification and Nomenclature

Hadeeth nomenclature – Definitions of Terms

‘Umdatul Ahkaam

Explanation of Umdatul Ahkaam – Hadeeth 1

Hadeeth – 2 – Hadeeth – 3 – Hadeeth – 4

Hadeeth – 5 – Hadeeth – 6

Transcripts of Lectures on ‘Umdatul Ahkaam

Book of Purification




Basic Rulings and Foundations of Fiqh

Fiqh – 01 — Fiqh – 02 Fiqh – 03 Fiqh – 04 Fiqh – 05

Fiqh – 06 Fiqh – 07 Fiqh – 08 — Fiqh – 09 Fiqh – 10 

Fiqh – 11 Fiqh – 12 Fiqh – 13 Fiqh  – 14

 Intro – Basic Principles – Fiqh Foundations

 Sh Sadi’s Book in his own handwriting

 Points of Benefit on Need and Necessity

Benefits from

Books and Duroos

Benefit from Books and Duroos — Q&A format – Part 1

 List of Questions for Assignment

Shaykh Al-‘Uthaymeen rahimahullaah

and Shaykh As-Saghair hafidhaullaah


– Terminology with Islamic Relevance

Ranks vs Knowledge

Categories of People Regarding Knowledge

Study Program

– Individual Study Program Info


Muslim Life 


Daily Issues

A Look at Nasheed

The Three Letters — Isbaal – Smooking – Beard

TV — Yes or No

– My Right to Janazah

 Points of Benefit on Visiting Graves

Marriage Issues

Rulings Regarding Mahr – Dowry

Wedding to Four and Lawfully More

Women Issues

Awrah of Women – Women or Mahrams Present

Natural Blood of Women


New to Islamic Knowledge 


Allaah –

Knowing Him

The Belief in Allaah – Evidences of His Existence

The Transcendence of Allaah

Allaah is the True God

Basic Knowledge –

Testimony of Faith

Explaining the Foundations of Faith

Fiqhul Ibaadat — Understanding Worship

Knowing Prophet Muhammad

The Testimony of Faith — The Shahaadah


Creation versus Evolution — Darwin

The Creation Is In Need of Allaah

Knowing Allaah -Purpose of our Existence

Purpose Behind Creation – Return to Creator

First Contact

 Islam – Is It for Me ? — Read this article and reflect

Islam the Final and Complete Message to Man

Sincere Advice to Every Christian

Who Deserves To Be Worshipped Alone


Noble Quraan

The Noble Quraan

Quraan — English Meaning — Khan and Hilalee

Explanation of the Quraan

Tafseer – Ayatal-Kursee – With Other Benefits

Tafseer – Explanation of Opening Chapter of Quraan

Tafseer – Surah An–Nabaa

The Fifteen Aayaat of Prostration

Notes on The Fifteen Aayaat of Prostration.doc

in the handwriting of Shaykh Ibn Al-‘Uthaymeen

Points of Benefit

Quraan – Rulings on Payments for it



                                              Sources of Inspiration 


Knowing Prophet Muhammad

The Messengers — Their Tasks – Their Roles

Sahaba -Tabi’een

The Search for the Truth — Salman the Persian


– Biography of Shaykh Abdus Salaam Bin Bargis.pps

Interview with Shaykh ‘Uthaymeen’s Wife


Umm Saalih – A Grand-Mother Memorizes Quraan

Advices – Reminders

 Advices – Sabr Patience Perseverance

Special files

 The Hadeeth on the Fly

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