Salafi Scholars about Teaching & Conveying the True Da’wah Without Tazkiyah / Shahadaat (certifications)




Lets See What Salafi Scholars Says Abou this Issue 

Al Allamah Shaykh Abdal-Muhsin al-Abbaad.

Al Allamah Shaykh. Saleh Al Fawzaan 

Al Allamah Shaykh. Uthyameen 

Al Allamah Shaikh. Rabee

Shaykh. Zayd AL Madkhali

Shaykh Muhammad bin Haadee 

Shaykh Ahmed an-Najmee

Shaykh. Sulayaman Ar Ruhaylee 


Sh.Fawzan Tazkiyah Not Required فالكلام على وجود العلم في الإنسان والفقه في الإنسان … لا على شهاداته ولا على تزكياته ما يعتبر هذا !

A certificate does not indicate knowledge…………

Hence, the speech (revolves) around the presence of knowledge in a person, and (the presence) of understanding in a person! Not about his certificates and commendations (Tazkiyaats), that is not given consideration.

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Sh. ‘Abbaad Tazkiyah Not Required

ليس بلازم أن يكون كل إنسان مُزكى، ليس بلازم ، لكن الكلام هنا كون الانسان عنده قدرة وتمكن ،

ولا يلزم أن تكون معه تزكية … لا يلزم أن يكون معه تزكية. but it is not binding that he has a Tazkiyah (commendation)…..

It is not binding for every person to have tazkiyah (commendation), it is not binding. However, the speech here is about a person having ability and grounding,…

And it is not binding that when you see someone teaching that you go and ask him, “Do you have a tazkiyah or not Have a Tazkiyah?”

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Sh.Rabee’ Convey what you know


فأنا أرى أن يبذل ما عنده من علم و لا نعقد الأمور على الشباب الذي يرى الدنيا مظلمة بالخرافات و الجهل و الشركI hold that he should offer what he has of Knowledge. And we do not make binding the affairs upon the youth who sees the world darkened with deviations, ignorance and shirk

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Sh.Muhammad bn Hadee Necessary

Details :-

2 ways to acquire tazkiyah

1.       Shuh-rah (well known) for ilm

2.       Tazkiyah from ‘aalim

Shaykh. Muhammad Necessary, necessary, “I did not sit (for giving fatwa) until it was said to me (to do so)” Imaam Malik says. Yes, it is necessary that it is testified for him that he is fit (capable) of sitting to (teach) knowledge.

Being well known, they intend by this, being well known in the region in which he is, that the people (in that region) testify for him (that he has) knowledge and acquaintance, so when this becomes spread yes.

Sh.Zayd al-madhkhalee Not a binding condition

My speech regarding this, is that whomsoever learns something from the sciences of the Islamic religion and Islamic jurisprudence (fiqh) and masters it, then there is no sin upon him, rather he will be rewarded if he teaches it (to the people). And it is not a condition that he presents a tazkiyyah. You tube Link : Here : click here

And it is not a condition that he brings a Tazkiyah but it should be looked at, what is he teaching the people? If he is teaching them what is correct, through shari’ah rulings with its evidences, then this is desired. Hence, it is not a condition that he is given a commendation by a Shaykh.

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Sh. ‘uthaymeen We say: Yes, it is possible when a person strives with a great deal of striving, just as it is possible for a person to be a scholar when he takes knowledge from books… source : click here
Sh. ‘ubayd al Jabaree The one who is unknown (majhool) is the one who requires a Tazkiyah, irrespective of whether he was sent to a land or in his own land. As for the one who is known, then if he is (teaching) outside of his own land, and the Scholars know he is teaching and giving lessons from the Book and the Sunnah upon the understanding of the Salaf, then THERE IS NOTHING TO PREVENT  HIM TEACHING if Allaah, the Exalted wills.

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Sh.Al-Ghudayyan So when you wish to take knowledge of tafseer of the Qur’ann you take it from a person grounded in this knowledge and likewise for all the other sciences. It is known that a person takes knowledge from the Mouths of the Scholars and takes every (type) of knowledge from the person who is grounded in this knowledge.

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Sh.Sulaymaan Ar Ruhaylee 







Shaikh. an Najmee 




Explained The Types of Tazkiyah Link Here : video




Tazkiyah Not Required

The Statment : That Knowledge is not Taken from him except The Ulama Given Tazkiyah to Him. This Statement Closes The Door of Much Goodness.



Shaikh said : CONTINUE Traversing Upon Your way and I ask Allah to Aid you. Source : click here 

Source : Taken from The

“Rather, all the statements of all the Shaykhs should be put together and understood collectively to get a clearer picture of this whole affair. we came to know That Salafi  Scholars said Tazkiyah is not Required A Student of Well Versed Knowledge  he is known for sound creed and Methodology but none of the Scholars know him, but the rest of his brothers testify for him with sound creed and methodology. Then he can do Dawah to All.




Finally Al – Allamah Sheikh . Saleh Al- Fawzan 

He says, esteemed Shaykh, may Allaah grant you success: Is it sufficient for a person who wishes to teach the people the affairs of their religion, is it sufficient that he holds a university certificate, or must he have  tazkiyaat from the Scholars??

It is necessary to have knowledge… Not everyone who holds a certificate becomes a scholar (by way of that), (but) knowledge is vital, and understanding (fiqh) of the deen of Allaah! A certificate does not indicate knowledge. A person could hold (a certificate) yet he is the most ignorant of people. and he may not have a certificate yet he is the most knowledgeable of people. Did Shaykh Ibn Baz have a certificate with him? Did Shaykh Ibn Humayd? Did they have certificates? Yet alongside this, they were the leading Imaams of this time. Hence, the speech (revolves) around the presence of knowledge in a person, and (the presence) of understanding in a person! Not about his certificates and  tazkiyaat, that is not given consideration. And the reality will uncover a person, when an issue comes along, or a calamity arises, then the (true) scholar will become clear from the pseudo-scholar and the ignoramus. Yes.

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Also next Question

Questioner :: Esteemed Shaykh, may Allaah grant you success, this questioner from Tunisia says: What are the conditions or rules which permit a student of knowledge to give lessons or knowledge seminars in his land (with the knowledge) that there are not to be found any scholars in the land we are in.

The Shaykh answered:

بلغ ما تعرف ، ماتعرف من العلم انشره و بلغه للناس ، و اما الامور التي لا تعرفها و لم تتوصل اليها فلا ، امسك عنها . نعمConvey what you know, what you know of knowledge then spread it and convey it to the people. As for affairs that you do not know and which have not come to you, then withhold from them. Yes

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