What is The Creed of Deobandis….?? Are They Really Hanafis or Asharis…??

3 deobandi

Brothers & Sisters :  Dont Call Deobandis As ” Hanafis ” They Are not Hanafis.

They Are Asharis And Maturidis.

The Official Aqaid book of deoband where doebandi Scholars signed That This Book Is Authentic And this the Aqeeda of Deobandi Ulamas. IN This where Shaykh.Khaleel Ahmed Seharanpuri said in Muhannad ‘alal-Mufannad Aqaid Ulama A Deoband ” { Page Num : 13 , 14 }

” Hum Usool a Aitiqad me hum parwi hy Imam Abul Hasan Ashari aur imam Mansoor Maturidi ke ..”


so now cleared. so dont call them Hanafis. Call them Asharis and maturidis . These Sects Are Gumrah sects in Ummah. They Are Not From Ahle sunnah Wal Jamah.

If you want to know who is Asharis and Maturidis Visit This Link :
1. http://www.asharis.com/creed/index.cfm
2. http://www.maturidis.com/maturidi/

The Real Hanafis Are they will study fiqh in one school of thought but there Aqeeda is Salafi.

example : Imam Tahawi and Imam Ibne izz Al Hanafi etcs,, soo many imams where are that time..

Note : but there are not blind followers like todays generation. they only study the fiqh in 1 school of thought. but they are salafis

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