Salafi in ‘Aqeedah but Ikhwani in Manhaj ? – Shaykh Albanee

What is the ruling about the statement of ‘so and so is Salafi in ‘Aqeedah but on the Manhaj of Ikhwaan (al-Muslimien) ‘ ? So is Manhaj not of the ‘Aqeedah?

Shaykh Albanee:
It is not possible that he is an Ikhwaani and a Salafiyyah (Ikhwaani/Salafi) but he might be Salafi in some matters, and he might follow (Manhaj) Ikhwaan in other matters. Or Ikhwaniyyah in some (matters) and Salafiyyah in other. As for he being Salafiy (on the foundations) were upon the Companions of the Prophet (Sallahu 3laihi wassalam) were on this is not possible.

Al-Ikhwaan al-Muslimoen callers, what do they call for ? Are they calling upon the Dawah of the Salaf as-Salih ? If we imagne he is Ikhwaani/Salafiy does he call for the Dawah of Salafiyyah ? The answer is no. So that is not Salafiyyah. But in some matters he follows the view of Salafiyyah and in some matters he follows the view of Ikhwaan.

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