If you know and are sure about the deviation of a group and are able to, you must warn… – Shaykh Salih Fawzan

Al-Fawzān: If you know and are sure about the deviation of a group and are able to, you must warn……even if there is a scholar who praises the group.

The following question was posed to Shaykh Sālih b. Fawzān Al-Fawzān – may Allāh preserve and protect him (“Sahab Salafi Network” 2012):

I intend to write about some deviated groups and warn against them. However, these groups have not left the fold of Islām, and some scholars have praised them, and I fear that [such scholars] might call against me. What is your advice and guidance for me, knowing that this group is deviated?

The Shaykh replied:

Your duty (wājib) is to clarify the truth; your duty is to clarify the truth. If you are sure about their errors and their deviation, you are one hundred percent sure, and you have the ability and the knowledge to explain, then it is a duty upon you to do this.

And when Allāh took the covenant from those who were given the scripture that you must explain it to people and not hide it…  (Translation of the meaning of Āl-‘Imrān: 187)

Verily those who hide the clear guidance that We have revealed…
(Translation of the meaning of Al-Baqarah: 159, 174)

It is not allowed to hide knowledge. If you know and are sure about the deviation of some groups or sects, then clarify them and explain them for the people, so that they may be on guard against them. This is part of nasīhah (sincere concern for others; advice). The Messenger – Allāh’s praise and peace be upon him – said:

The religion is nasīhah (sincerity). We asked: “to whom?” He replied, “to Allāh, and to His Book, and to His Messenger, and to the leaders of the Muslims and their masses.(Sahīh Muslim, hadīth #55)

[In doing so,] do not fear the people. You must fear Allāh – the exalted and perfect – and explain the truth and refute falsehood, and not fear people, yes.


Sahab Salafi Network online forum, September 06, 2012, Al-Allamah Al-Fawzan: whoever has the ability, and knows and is sure about the deviation of some group is obliged to explain it (Arabic), sahab.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=122971.

Translated by Abū Abdillāh Owais Al-Hāshimī

Post Courtesy : via KSA_Dawah Mailing list

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