General Advice 7 Questions & Answers : | By Q&As from the senior scholars

What are some things that will keep a person firm upon Salafiyyah?

What advice can be offered to the Muslim men who are so busy with affairs of da’wah that they neglect the rights of their families?

What advice do you have for a woman who has many young children and due to them she can not focus on prayers as she would like?

What advice would you offer someone who stopped praying optional prayers?

What is your advice to the new Muslims who may feel that the rules pertaining to children of zinaa are harsh or unjust toward an innocent child?

Some of the Muslims spend too much time on the internet. Sometimes they even delay their prayers because of this. What is your advice to them?

What is your advice to those who do not want to accept the scholars’ criticisms and warnings about people involved in da’wah?

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