Challenge to Jamatul-Muslimeen

Challenge to JamatulMuslimeen
Challenge to JamatulMuslimeen

My challenge to All Jamatul-Muslimeen…

1. which Jamat Your Belongs to …?????? If you Rejecting the Jamaat it means ur rejecting Prophet words…. As Our Prophet (sallallaahu ’alayhi wa sallam) said, “There will cease to be a “JAMAT” from my Ummah “victorious upon the truth,” not being harmed by those who oppose them until the command of Allaah comes about, and they are like that.”] Related by Muslim (6/52-53) and Aboo Daawood (2/202).

2 Are you Rejecting “At Taif Al Mansoorah OR Firqatun Naajiyah” ( Victorious Group OR Saved Group ) As our Prophet said… If you Belive Firqatun-Nazia who are those people..??? can you tell me Name of that Jamah…????? or can you give any 1 Muhadaseen name from 1400 years that they said Jamatul-Muslimeen

3 If you belive the Jamat then Who is the Fouder Your Jamat…???? Masood Ahmed B.Sc ..????

4 IF ur Jamat Name is jamatul muslimeen…??? when it is established …??? If your saying ur jamat established At the Time of prophets period… then Will you tell who is ur Ameer before 1987…????

5 If your Rejecting Prophet words As he used the Word Firqatun-Nazia And All the Muhadaseen given The Name Ahle Hadees or Ashabul Hadees…. can you give 1 Muhadaseen or Mujtahideen From 1400 years saying Ahle hadees or Ashabul hadees is wrong…???????

6 If Your Rejecting All Muhadasees Usool aS they given the Name Ahle hadees or Ashabul hadees to Saperate Batil People then why ur beliving Sahii hadees and Hasan Hadees &  rejecting the Zaif Hadees and Mursal Hadees aur Shaaz Hadees…..???? As Allah and Rasool Never says Believe sahii hadees and hasan hadees reject zaif hadees and also reject the Mursal hadees then Why ur beliving …???????

7 *Any act which supports the Sunnah is not a Biddah. …..????? -The Quran was compiled in a book to preserve it though Prophet Sallallhualaihiwasallam did not do it, hence it is not a Biddah……..????? -The airaab (diactrical marks) were added during the time of Hajjaj bin Yousuf in the times of later day Sahaba.Prophet Sallallhualaihiwasallam never added them, yet it wasn’t considered a Biddah….???? as it supports proper recitation of Quran. -The Muhaddiseen from the time of the Tabain started classifying the reports as sahih and zaif even though it wasn’t done by the Sahaba, because it helps preserve authentic hadith and filter unauthentic hadith. It was hence not a Biddah…..???? -When sects emerged the Tabain and later Muhaddiseen called themselves various names to clarify the correct jamaah from the rest.

8.  According to you…. You wil call ur leader As Ameerul- Jamatul Muslimeen.. so i ask you did Sahaba call there ameer as Ameerul- Jamatul muslimeen ???.. No never they Call there ameer As Ameerul-Mumineen…. So you ur not doing biddat in this matter..??

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