Mufti Ismail Menk is Deobandi not a Salafi | By Maulana Musa Menk { Father of Ismail Menk }


After releasing the video of Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas, people accused him of speaking ill of Ismail Menk without proof.

This is one of the evidences that was presented to Shaykh Wasiullah Abbas; it is only after thoroughly analyzing them that he made those statements. It is a clear proof that our Mashaykh do not judge anyone without clear evidences.

The following, unedited conversation with Maulana Musa Menk was not released earlier to respect the privacy of Ismail Menk’s father

Furthermore, as Shaykh al-Albani said, “One proof is sufficient for the seeker of truth. But a thousand proofs are not enough for the people of desires.”
Maulana Musa Menk clarifies in this conversation that his son, Mufti Ismail Menk is not a Salafi.

He further says –
‘Ismail Menk is the Hanafi Mufti of Zimbabwe.’
Ismail Menk has written books on Hanafi creed and methodology.
He gives lessons to women on the CREED and issues of Hanafi/Deobandi methodology and he has collected those lessons in the form of a book, which is yet to be published.
He conducts weekly lessons on Bahistey-Zewar (a book authored by the revered sufi saint of Deobandis, Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi; the same saint who propagates the aqeedah of Wahdatul Wajood, grave worshipping, claims the dead are still alive and has also authored books that propagate magic.
He has serverd the elders of Deoband like Moulana Zakariyya Khandalvi, a man with major innovations and mistakes in aqeedah, Moulana Maseehullah Khan, Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi and others; all these are sufi saints who are highly revered amongst the Deobandis.

Q – Questioner
MM – Maulana Musa Menk (Isma’eel Menk’s father)
Sahab – a word used to denote respect in the Urdu language (a rough equivalent to ‘sir’ in English)
Questioner – Assalamualaikum
Musa Menk  – Wa Alaykum Assalam Warahmatullaah
Q – May I speak to Maulana Musa Menk?
MM – (speech unclear)
Q – Yes, this is Muhammad Tanveer from India, I am calling from India, (speech on the other side unclear), and I got this number from Majlis e Ulema yesterday, I called them yesterday and got this number.
MM – hello
Questioner – hello, hello, can you hear me?
MM – Hello
Questioner – hello maulana
MM – yes, wa alaykum assalam
Q – Do u speak Urdu maulana?
MM – yes very well
Q – yes, may Allaah reward you with good. Maulana, I am calling from Hyderabad and I got your number from Majlis E Ulema. There is an issue that has come up here in Hyderabad, in India regarding your son Ismaeel Menk. It is said regarding him that he is Salafi, so I wanted to know whether he is Salafi or Deobandi?
MM – Okay, what is your name?
Q – My name is Muhammad Tanveer.
MM – Muhammad…..
Q – Tanveer
MM – (speech unclear)
Q – yes yes
MM – and what is your telephone number?
Q – My telephone number is 888
MM – let me write down your code as well, what is it 0091?
Q – yes +918886*
MM – what did you say, repeat it. 91…?
Q – 8886******
MM – (repeating the numbers).. ok ****.
And which place are you from?
Q – I am from Hyderabad.
MM – and you even stay in Hyderabad?
Q – Yes, exactly in Hyderabad
MM – do u have any Dar Al Uloom (center of knowledge i.e. a madrasa or a school)?
Q – No I am not from any Dar Al Uloom, rather I listen to speeches or scholars and invite them here. And recently a large conference was held here in which Mufti Ismail Menk was also invited.
MM – who was invited?
Q – Mufti Ismaeel Menk
MM – okay okay
Q – He (Mufti Menk) did not attend it but his video was played in the conference here and a lot of discussions are being held that he is going to a lot of Salafi centers and that he is Salafi. So I just wanted to know whether he is a Salafi or that he holds the Deobandi Aqaaid (creed).
MM – very good. He is the Hanafi Mufti of the whole of Zimbabwe.
Q – Yes
MM – He (Ismaeel Menk) acquired his education here in Harare in Dar Al Uloom and that is where I am sitting at the moment and we are the founders of this Dar Al Uloom. I am a *GRADUATE* from Saharanpur and Maulana Zakariya may Allaah have mercy upon him, was my teacher. So he (Ismaeel Menk) is a *GRADUATE*of our Dar Al Uloom and then he went to Madeenah and acquired knowledge and graduated from there. He then went to Dar Al Uloom Kantharia, Bharuch in India and became a Mufti there. Then he came back here and he is the Mufti of the Hanafi Madh’hab (methodology) here in Zimbabwe and he has also authored books on the Hanafi methodology and he has NO relation to Salafiyyah, whether it be in AQEEDAH or in actions.
However, it is our policy that we maintain good relations with everyone. But we have no Salafis in our country. Not just Salafis, but we don’t have no Shias as well in our country. There are only Bareilvis. There might be a few Salafis who have come from outside (foreigners) and few Shias who are present in the Iranian Embassy. Apart from that, there are only two types of people in Zimbabwe; either Hanafis or Shafi’ees.
Q – Ok

MM – this is a useless propaganda, Ismaeel Menk takes lessons with ladies every Sunday, so he has prepared a book on it which we haven’t published yet, it contains the Hanafi Madh’hab in totality. So he would give lessons to the ladies and would teach them the issues and AQAAID (creed) of the Hanafi Madh’hab and that book is present with me, if you want and if it is needed, then I can send you a copy of the book through email.
Some people due to jealousy, say such things, based on a trivial issue they say he is Salafi.
You may know that our elders from Deoband likened Allaah’s Messenger ﷺ to a brother and so the Bareilvis said that they reviled him and disrespected him. The Bareilvis say that. They (Deobandi elders) didn’t mean that he ﷺ is our brother in reality. The intent of our elders was something else. So this is not correct. The opponents used this speech (of Ismaeel Menk) and started spreading this speech but it is not that he is Salafi. Rather he is the Imam and Khateeb of our Hanafi mosque and he leads all the prayers. Bahishti Zewar, you must have heard about it?

Q – yes I have heard about it, it is a very famous book.

MM – (authored by) Maulana Thanvi. So he holds lectures of this book once a week. And I totally assure you that this is all false. Just like it is said regarding our elders, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi, Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi. It is written by Bareilvis regarding Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi that he only believes in La illaaha Ilallaah but does not believe in Muhammadur Rasool Allaah and the reason for this is that a man was once sitting in his mosque (Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi’s mosque) and the prayer was being called (Adhaan) so the Muezzin ended it by saying La illaaha ilallaah. The man on hearing this, said La Ilaaha Ilallaah Muhammadur Rasool Allaah. Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi corrected that man that at this point, it is only required to say La illaaha Ilallaah and not Muhammadur Rasool Allaah at the end of Adhaan. So people started saying that he (Maulana Gangohi) advises people to only say La illaaha ilallaah and not Muhammadur Rasool Allaah.
So this is how it happens, and this is totally false that he (Ismaeel Menk) is a Salafi.

Q – Thanks a lot, can I tell this to my people here, whatever you have just told me?

MM – yes, in fact if you want to know anything further, then I will give you a few telephone numbers. My other son, Maulana Shabbir, he is also an aalim. He has studied in Dar al Uloom in Bury, UK (A DEOBANDI INSTITUTE) and then graduated from Al Azhar University in Egypt. So I will give you a few telephone numbers. The number you have called upon right now is the telephone number of our Dar Al Uloom and I am sitting here right now and the Ulema have a council here. So right down my residence number.
Q – Yes
MM –004*********
Q – Yes I have noted it down
MM – Note down another number, it is of Shabbir, 740 the code will be same. 740270***. Maulana Shabbir, my son.
Q – Yes, inshaAllaah. May Allaah reward you with good. Thank you so much. May Allaah reward you with good for clarifying this matter.
MM – so if you need to anything else, let me know. If I happen to visit India, it may be possible for me to meet you there and talk about it.
Q – In sha Allaah
MM – so you tell the people. You must have heard the name of Maulana Zakariyyah.
Q- Yes I have heard about him
MM – and have you heard the name of Mufti Mahmood?
Q – Yes I have heard the name of Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi
MM – Mufti Mahmood Gangohi, yes, so all these elders would be guests in our house and my son, Mufti Ismaeel would serve all these elders. Maulana Maseehullaah, Maulana Qamaruz Zaman who is still alive.
Now the thing is, if someone grasps a word and then twists it and starts talking about it, then the whole matter becomes twisted. Anything else?
Q – no, may Allaah reward you with good for giving me your time.
MM – are you a scholar or a Maulana?
Q – no I am not a scholar but I meet scholars here and like to keep in touch with them Alhamdulillaah.
MM – ok, so convey my salaam to all your scholars and remember me in your supplications. May Allaah bless you and enable us to do the right work.
Q – Ameen, thank you, Assalamualaikum
MM – thank you, Assalamualaikum


Source : Here Musa Menk Audio You Tube  Link : Maulana Musa Menk, father of Mufti Menk, testifies that he is a Deobandi and not a SALAFI



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